Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello there!

Hello friends! Hope this New Years Eve sees everyone well! I have been gone for quite some time now. I have been sick, kids have been sick and this family was deffinetely going through a rough patch. But now that its all over, I am back. I have a new attitude about things because of some decsions I have made. So stand by, great things are to come!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Learning Mama: My Memories Giveaway!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fair Update

Well I can say Tina did pretty good! She received blue ribbons for her apron she sewed and one of her ceramic pieces. Her other three ceramic pieces received red ribbons and her terrarium received a white ribbon. Guess she wont be the gardener of the family! But I am very proud of her for what she did.

We spent two days at the fair, riding rides, playing games,eating junk and just walking around! Im glad it only comes once a year because I dont know if I could do it more then that!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fair Time

One of the signs that summer is definitely gone! But one of my favorite fall activities. I love looking at the exhibits and the animals. Tina put in several things this year for 4-H. Its fun to look at all the things the kids come up with. I cant wait to takes tons of pictures of animals, happy kids on rides and messy faces! A little sad that I cant spend alot of time there this year. With all the bad weather we have had, they took away the kids day off for fair day. But we will just make most of the time we have!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Days of School

They went pretty well. I was kind of worried about Eric since he was going to high school where not most of his friends are.He started 9th grade. But he seems to like it so far. He was put in JROTC for one of his classes and I'm kind of excited about it. He gets fitted for his uniform next week. And then he gets to march in the Homecoming parade and the Veterans Day Parade.
Tina was pretty excited about her classes.She started 7th grade. She is going to do SGA and Relay for Life for after school activities. Hopefully this year she has a good year and doesn't get a case of the lazy but syndrome. I would love to see her make honor roll all year and not slack off. We shall see!

Sara started her kindergarten journey in a new school as well. But she did great. She came home and told me all about her class and her friends. The bus riding was a new experience as well. I pray that she stays excited about it!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Best Text Message Ever

Dad and I text each other or email quite frequently. Its just easier for us to communicate that way since hes been sick and had some slight speech problems. So this afternoon I got a text from him. Nothing unusual....Except what it said. All biopsies are clear!!!! That means there is no cancer! The PET and the MRI were wrong. What they showed was the inflammation that has been causing the bleeding for his last surgery sight. Praise the Lord!! Don't know what the game plan is going to be yet but will update when I do know!

Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Update!!

So far pretty good. The wind has picked up now. The worst is supposed to hit us between 1-3am. Roads are bad, they have now pulled state roads and power company of the roads. Here soon fire/ems will not be responding either. Pretty scary stuff. A big tree has fallen across our road and a transformer has blown up. Luckily the guys at the firehouse have already come and taken care of it. The girls and I have been holding the fort down!! Hopefully the rest of the storm passes without much damage.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Knock,knock! Who's there?

The fire department. The county is "advising" you, you should leave by morning. Ummm, nah. Yes I might be hard headed. I was here during Isabelle. And I'm not leaving this time. Last time I had a tree hit the corner of the house and lost power for 3 days. Its all good. We are ready..As ready as we're gonna be. Luckily, just in case somethings happen or we do need to leave, the guys at the Newburg firehouse just told us that we can come there. And we can always go to my moms if we can make it there. So theres my plan and my back up plan!

Earthquakes,Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Oh My!

What on earth is going on? We've had two earthquakes this week and now we are under hurricane conditions. They have already said expect to loose power for several days. Ive gone to the store, and tonight we are going to start charging things that we will need. At this time we are being advised to evacuate. I rode the Isabelle out by staying at the firehouse. That was horrible. I was away from the kids for 3 days and be out on call after call sucked. So at this time I fully intend to ride out the storm right here at home. We'll see how that goes!

Monday, August 22, 2011

To Do List

I found a really neat to do list at Simple Mom. It has a place to track your water,most important things to do, work out,dinner,to do list and general plan. But the thing that strikes me the funniest-There is also a section on there for your blog. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. I love that it is on there so if something strikes me to blog about, I can jot it down for later. But then I think, what is this world coming to that theres a blog box on a to do list? If anyone uses to do list this is the best by far that I have scene.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not Happy

I know its been awhile since Ive blogged. Dad got sick again and Ive been doing a lot of running up and down the road to him. And its made me realize some things in all the time I have gotten to think.

And once again I'm not happy. I'm really thinking it is me. Ive once again tried to talk to John but nothing changes. He said things will and they don't. Him working seven days a week and spending no time with his family is taking its toll. I constantly get yelled at and get blamed for things. Or I get the attitude because he's pissed off because something hasn't gone right.

And now Ive decided to go back to work full time. How this is going to work I don't know. I will now be working and still have all the responsibility of the kids as he stated he will not help. And yes I know millions of women do this every day. But I have no clue have I'm going to work and get three kids to different activities every day. I guess this in itself will be its own adventure.

I even brought up the whole separating thing. It might have been mean to say, but I flat out asked him whats the point of having him if I will still be taking care of the house and kids and working? But I don't even know if separating is the answer. All I know is I'm not happy and that needs to change because its affecting me every day.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Sad Weekend

This wasn't exactly how I wanted my weekend to be. Friday night we got the news that dads cancer has come back. We had just barely made it to the three month mark. Two scans picked up a tumor in his mouth. They also revealed that he has an infection in his spinal cord. Monday he will be admitted to the hospital. Tuesday he will have a biopsy on the tumor and infection. We know that the infection will require 6-8 weeks of iv meds. As far as the tumor, we wont know till Tuesday.

Last night we learned that two members of Cobb Island firehouse lost their lives. One got into some trouble in the water and the other jumped into save him. They both did not make it. Two young lives lost way to early.

Thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated at this time.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Off to the Beach

Yes, I know Ive only been home for a day and a half from the last vacation. But after much thought and looking at the calendar, we decided to go to the beach this week. Well, the kids and I. August the girls start cheerleading practice and Eric would like to work. And I thought that I could spend the month getting the house school ready, working on schedules, doing fun things around the house and taking day trips. I'm not even unpacked from this past weeks vacation!! But its all good. Ive figured out a couple of things I would like to go and do with the kids. And some days, we will just simply do nothing. And I'm fine with that.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Discovered a New Thing

Its called turn of my cell phone and don't check my emails at night!! And not to check my email on weekends. And its WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! Nobody told me you could do this. After 5 pm, I don't check emails and then around 9, I put my cell on silent. Its been so great not to have to worry about checking and getting back to people. Though it has irritated a few people because they are used to me getting back right away. Boo hoo!! I need me time,family time and time to decompress at night. I cant always be bothered with firehouse stuff at all hours but apparently their are a few people that think I should be. So everyone will just learn how to deal!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I thought summer was supposed to be easier?

Who ever told me that lie, please raise your hand! I swear I spend more time running around now then I did when the kids were in school. But probably not. Days like yesterday when we had VBS, the pool,hair cuts, two 4-H meetings and I was baby sitting make it crazy. I even went grocery shopping. But I did learn that I need to pack more snacks and such on these longer days. I think I will need a vacation after this week! Two more days of bible school and we are ending Friday going swimming with Chelsea and the kids.I do love these summer days!

Monday, July 11, 2011


We have been so busy this last month. Promotions, recitals, shows and a vacation to New York. In the midst of all this I have done alot of thinking. I have seen that I'm not happy with myself. I feel that I have no time for myself nor do I do anything for myself. So I have decided that I am staying with my cut back shift for the medic unit and that come August, I will not run any one particular shift. That is to help me have more time with transitioning the kids back to school and to help Tina with her decision to go back to cheerleading. I also am working it for me to go back to the gym. I need some me time and the gym sounds like a great place to do it. They have excellent child care so Sara will get to see some fresh faces. I also would like to start scrapbooking again. I haven't scrapbooked since last October. That is mine own little world where I can get lost. Hopefully some of this will help with the stress and anxiety. I cant go through life being crabby all the time!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I know I need to update on a few things. And I will. When I get back from vacation! I know, vacation and me dont go together. But they are this week! The girls and I are off to New York to see my best friend from high school, Jessica. And I cant wait. Its much needed! And when I come back, there shall be a new me! So stand by for updates and changes!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

I'm a blessed that I have a father this Fathers Day that I can say that too. This last year six months it has been touch and go with my dad. But I can breathe easy knowing that right now he is cancer free. So I am ever so thankful that at midnight last night I texted him Happy Fathers Day (My dad still has speech problems due to the surgery so its so much easier to text him if I'm not in the room with him) I am hoping he is around for many more because I don't know what Id do without him!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tomorrow Is A New Day

Well,technically it is tomorrow. I feel like a huge wait has been lifted off my shoulders with my dad. I know we still have treatments,scans and doctors appointments down the road, but  knowing the cancer is gone is great! And the money situation is getting better. I still feel like sometimes I should go to work,but that wont work for us. So I have decided with all being said and done, its time for me to get back on track! Back to getting the house in order, back to the gym, scrapbooking and whatever else I have slacked off with. This summer I have already decided to lesson my time at the medic unit. I will no longer do an overnight shift. I'm going to a 12 hour day shift. I also realize I really need to have some me time. I don't consider going to the gym, me time. Others might disagree,but I see that as making me a healthier person so I can better take care of my family. So look forward to exciting things happening in the future,especially this week!

Friday, June 10, 2011


With joy. And thankfulness. Yesterday I went with my dad to get his PET scan done. They inject him with dye and let it circulate his blood stream, then the scan him to see if the cancer is there. If it does, it turns green on the screen.The results came back today. Well guess what, ITS NOT THERE!!! ITS GONE! They still want him to do a round of chemo and radiation as a precaution. But its gone! I pray it stays like that. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sara's Pre-K Promotion

Sara had such a great promotion ceremony and after party. They sang some of their favorite songs.And after wards had punch and cookies. Memaw Gayle, Tina and Heather all came to see Sara's promotion.I still cant believe I now have a kindergartner!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Off to Kindergarten

Today was Sara's last day of Pre-K. I am happy but a little sad. She is on her way to big girldom!! Of course I took lots of pictures. When I came to pick her up, they were starting to read "Off to Kindergarten". This made me a little upset. I was able to sneak in and take pictures of this. I HAD to!! Then as I was leaving the room, I noticed their book bags hanging up in their cubbies. This would be the last time that all their book bags would be hanging together. So of course I took a picture of that. They sent home a bunch of end of the year papers, and book they had put together for each child(which of course I cried looking through) and a folder with a letter to each child and a poem for mom. (I will post the poem later) Sara is ready for kindergarten. Her teacher told me she is ready. However, mama is not ready!

Its very bittersweet for me. For the last ten years, Ive had a child there. They have been great. I will definitely miss the BLP family.

The Last Two Days....

Have been rough. My diabetes has been acting up. My levels have gone all the way up to 188 and been as low as 76. And it did this constantly through out Monday. It was no fun. Then yesterday I felt like crap from being so drained from the fluctuations all day. I called my doctor and she said to keep monitoring and if it happened again in the three days then I needed to come in. And that I needed to keep monitoring for the next week and call and let them know how I was. Yesterday wasn't so bad. My numbers stayed where they should have.So hopefully it continues to stay that way!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

8th Grade Formal

Last night was Eric's 8th Grade Formal. He had to get all dressed up, including a tie! I took him shopping and Ill admit, he did a good job picking out his dress clothes. And of course he knew his mama was going to make a big fuss and take a million pictures and invite everyone else to take pictures as well!! Eric wanted to go to the dance on the fire truck. Which I understand, was a pretty big hit! At the last minute, his cousin Cory decided to go to the dance as well and rode with Eric. Eric had alot of fun. And I didn't cry! I'm learning this is the first of many steps my little boy is going to be going through in the next few years! Next stop...8th grade promotion :(

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Annoyed To No End

I swear I feel like we cant just get caught up. It seems like as soon as the bills are paid off or up, something happens. We have so much to pay for right with the summer coming up. It annoys the hell out of me! I just want some of these bills gone. Hopefully the crabs will come soon and we can have that extra money. I brought up again about getting a job but John pointed out that it just wont work for us. And hes right. It wont work for us right now. Unless this job will let me work the hours of 9-4, which right now in this economy, theres a fat chance of that happening. The only other option is that the kids wouldn't be able to do any after school activities anymore. Period. Nothing. And I don't think that's fair to them. So I will stay hopeful and keep praying that somehow this is all taken care of.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yes, I know I have been. So much stuff going on, good and bad! And maybe I should have blogged about it to get it out and get others opinions. I know some changes need to be made. Just not sure where and how those need to be done. And my dad has to go through five weeks of radiation twice a day and chemo once a week. They are just doing this as a precautionary. My dad isn't so happy about this. He wants to take the bar. Id like for him to do that too, but Id like him to take the treatments too, ya know? Its also been a busy month for us. Two school promotion's, getting ready for Sara's recital,soccer,Jimmy coming home and so much more! I promise Ill make more of an effort to update!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Interesting Conversation

Now why this came up is a story in itself!! But last night John and I were more or less talking about Amish customs. Then I was telling him how several of the families at the church where Tina and Sara play soccer, wear dresses and skirts and head cover. To my surprise, he said that he wouldn't mind if I head covered. I thought that was an odd thing for him to say, just because he usually doesn't say things like that. So yes, I have done some research on the subject. Just maybe....

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Yes, I have been sucked in!! After the last week of laughing at all the crazy things people are doing, nothing else being on tv, including the Disney channel making their cartoons about it, I wave the royal flag! These last two nights, I have been drawn to the coverage on tv about whats going on. And, I.Love.It. So who else is watching it? Are you doing anything special? Much love and blessings to the couple as they start this new chapter in their life!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Winding down on Easter Day

We had a pretty good day. Sara and I woke up this morning to see what the bunny left. Eric and Tina had spent the night else where last night. After going through the baskets, I started cooking my dishes to bring to the family dinner. I made hash brown casserole and green bean casserole. Sara had such a fun time at Aunt Sherry's house looking for eggs with all her cousins. After there we went to moms house for our second dinner with everyone together. The Easter bunny even left baskets there!! Some very lucky kids! Its taken awhile for Sara to wind down, to much bunny excitement!!

Tomorrow is the last day of spring break for the kids. I'm hoping to get some stuff done around the house and get back on track. We'll see how that goes!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pure Cuteness!

Aren't they just the cutest? This is Sara and my best friend's son Aaron. They have been buddies from day 1! Aaron is exactly a month younger then Sara. Yesterday I go to spend time with two of Chelsea's kids and mine. This was a pic I took at the church playground. It has become one of my all time favorites!

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

 Yesterday at a MOMS Club event, we dyed Easter eggs. Not your normal way, huh? This was such much fun! We put leaves, flowers etc on the eggs, then covered them in onion skins. After that you wrap a cotton square around it all and secure it with thread. Then put the package in a pot and boil the eggs like you normally would. After the boil time is up, drain the water from the pot. Take out the egg packages and let cool for a few minutes. Then unwrap to see what neat designs are left on the eggs. You can also use a little bit of olive oil to polish the eggs up to give them a shine.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update on my dad

Thursday I was able to spend the day with him and go to his doctors appointments. The appointments went great! Everything is looking good and he is healing just like he should. They are going to do a swallow test to see if he can start eating and have some speech therapy.Dad is a little concerned with his speech not improving. But I told him its better then what the outcome could have been. As well as meeting with the radiation team to see if he needs to have a round of that again.

It was GREAT spending the day with him. And we had Sara with us too. This is the first time in over two years that he hasn't been in the hospital, having surgery, drugged up or in pain when I have been with him. It was so awesome to spend the day riding around and talking to him. After the appointments we went back to the condo and just hung out. He even played cards with Sara. Just to think that in February, he couldn't hardly stay up  to even talk to us. God is good!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekend Adventures

We had a lovely weekend. Can you note the sarcasim in my voice? It was not lovely at all! I spent the day in the ER with Sara. It started out as a great weekend. We got up and went to 4-H Project Day and then to an Easter egg hunt. After all this we went home and had some down time. After awhile, Sara started having belly pain. It became really bad. So we made the decision to take her to the ER. After blood tests, x-rays and sonograms we really didnt find out anything. The doctors do think that her intestines are folding over themselves. So now we have to play the wait and see game. Grrrrrrr! Other then that Sara is doing great! She came home with a blanket, teddy bear and stuffed jaguar.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Max!

Here is our new puppy Max. He is an eight week old Beagle. And yes, in the first night, he is spoiled. His nightly resting spot is in bed with Eric. Ho-hum. Daddy started that one!! So we shall see.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pretty, isnt it?

This is what we woke up to this morning! And guess what? They are calling for a bit more tomorrow! How exciting! Ummm, no not really. I love snow, dont get me wrong. But I am ready for the slightly warmer weather. I want to start my planting. I want the kids to go outside and get the stink blown off them!!I want the ducks to be able to go outside to their new home. I just want it to be warm. Last year at this time we were under almost three feet of snow.So Mr. Sun, please shine down on us!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quack, Quack

Its the invasion of the ducks!! Yes that's right, ducks! Eric wanted to get some baby ducks and raise them. And well, I did too. So last Thursday I stopped by the Tractor Supply store and bought some. I brought home four baby mallards. They are adorable. And messy. They are staying inside in a box till it gets a little bit warmer outside. Which I hope is soon. One little guy had figured out how to get to the top of the water bottle. I'm waiting for him to waddle down the hallway any minute! After they get to big for the pen, I imagine we will move them to the farm. Well, maybe most of them. Id kinda like to keep one! But we will see!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At This Point...

I would take one day that nothing bad happens. Sick kids this week, dads still in the hospital and its taking forever for the IRS to deposit the tax money. Frustrations and tempers are running high. I just want things to be "normal" at some point. Whatever "normal" may be for us! I feel like everything is at a stand still. Seems that everything is relying on something else before it can be done. I'm hoping to have everything straight by the end of this month, if not Ill be checking myself in for a vacation at St. Elizabeths!! LOL You all can come wave to me through the windows.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And So it Starts Again

My dad is back in the hospital. Apparently he started to spit blood and come to find out the vein they put in his jaw ruptured. They said this is common. But also they said that if he would have been any longer getting in, he would have bled out. Which scares the hell out of me. Today he had emergency surgery to fix it and is back in ICU. But he's in Massachusetts. I'm really pissed that I cant be there. I don't care how much Lisa reassures us hes ok. If I cant see him then I'm not going to believe it. And if hes fine, then he wouldn't be in there now. So asking for some prayers and positive thoughts our way!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet My Great Nephew.....

Dylan!! Wow, did I just say that? Great nephew? Why yes I did!! He was born Thursday night at 1158 p.m. Mom, dad and baby are doing good. I cant wait to meet him! You can be assured that when I do, I will be taking TONS of pictures!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Hasnt Happened This Year...

We have not been cancer free, we haven't been sick, the house has not gotten to where I want it, we have not caught the bills up, my schedule isn't where I want it, there was not a big huge family problem caused by my mom,the kids didn't come home moments before our house was broken and I'm probably sure theres other stuff that I cant think of right now! So I will start with he beginning and explain each one...
**Dad had his reconstruction surgery. While working on him, his oncologist saw the cancer. That's right, saw it!! It was never gone. He said that because of where it was and not being able to access it till now, that he didn't believe the cancer was ever gone. But he removed it during this surgery. So guess what? We are cancer free!! It had better stay that way!
**Hi diabetes! Yes, I posted about that already. But its still here! And I can say the last few weeks I haven't been very compliant. I need to figure out a new way to handle that!
**The floors are done and the rooms are switched. That's about it. Still need to pain the trim in the girls room and finish painting Eric's room. And of course reorganize and pain the rest of the house!
**Bills, hmmm, do they ever go away?? Hopefully when the tax money comes, a few of the bills will go away for good!
**Schedule?!? Whats that? Well, I cant say I don't have one. I do, but I'm not happy with it.I'm still not falling asleep most nights and exhausted the next day. I'm just gonna have to force myself to go to sleep and wake up the same time every day.
**My mother--I blogged about that too. Still not ready to say what happened because its not over yet,but soon!
**The house getting broken into. Well, that was something. While I was busy saving people, some jackass broke into the house. From the time he left and the kids came home was about 15 minutes. So I felt like I should get the crappy mom award that day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad Day

So yesterday was very trying. I have been sick with a cold, Adam has had a few set backs, a little boy who's story I have been following for awhile died, we realized that it might be the time to put Hunter down. Oh and a little money problem. And John was a little bit on the mean side. He was frustrated at work and got upset with me. So last night I cried for about an hour. I just had enough. Luckily enough I have great friends who are there for me!! God knows where I would be with out them. I am so thankful that I have them in my life. For the last few months they have been there for me through so much! I feel very blessed.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes, grrrrrrr!! I growled! Why? In this last week my mother has done some things that are unspeakable. Things that I dont want to post. Things that I dont want to forgive her for doing. I know thats not the Christian thing to do. Lets just say that I could forgive, but wont forget. It hurts very much to think of the things that she has done. For now, I have decided it would be best if my family does not have contact with her. Eric and Tina know why, Sara of course doesnt. Im just waiting for Sara to ask to go over there. Its going to break my heart. Family should NOT be like this. It upsets me so much that these things have happened. I have been praying about it and nothing comes to me other then what I have already decided. I pray that this also opens her eyes.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adam Update

Adam is doing much better. He had a blood transfusion. He is not off two of the meds, his O2 stats are in the 90's and hes been maintaining his blood pressure. But keep praying, he still has a long road ahead.

On Sunday I got to go visit him. I so wanted to pick him up and hug him. It was very hard to see this precious little boy hooked up to so many machines. I stood next to his bed for awhile and held his hand and talked to him. Him mom even took are picture so she can make an album to show him all the people that came to see him. Hopefully he continues on the good road and gets out of the hospital.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayers Needed

A friends little boy who was diagnosed with Leukemia on December 24, 2009 is currently fighting for his life. He started having breathing problems last night and is currently on a ventilator. He's only four years old. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I have what??

Well as much as I wanted to start the year off on a happy positive note, that didnt happen. For the most part.... Monday when I went to the doctors for my lab results to be gone over, I heard what I didnt want to hear. I have diabetes. For now I am being kept of meds. She said with diet and exercise it could stay that way. I pray that it does. Luckily I have great friends who are going to be there for me for my support team. I know that the road ahead is going to be long and bumpy but I can do this. I HAVE to do this.

On another note, my dad is no longer cancer free. :( A small spot was found on his gum. The doctors are going to take it off when he gets the reconstruction surgery on his jaw. Hopefully this is it!!

I know I havent posted my goals for the year yet. I had to do some shifting because of the diagnoses and the mini remolding of the house. So hopefully by this weekend I will have them up!