Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Hasnt Happened This Year...

We have not been cancer free, we haven't been sick, the house has not gotten to where I want it, we have not caught the bills up, my schedule isn't where I want it, there was not a big huge family problem caused by my mom,the kids didn't come home moments before our house was broken and I'm probably sure theres other stuff that I cant think of right now! So I will start with he beginning and explain each one...
**Dad had his reconstruction surgery. While working on him, his oncologist saw the cancer. That's right, saw it!! It was never gone. He said that because of where it was and not being able to access it till now, that he didn't believe the cancer was ever gone. But he removed it during this surgery. So guess what? We are cancer free!! It had better stay that way!
**Hi diabetes! Yes, I posted about that already. But its still here! And I can say the last few weeks I haven't been very compliant. I need to figure out a new way to handle that!
**The floors are done and the rooms are switched. That's about it. Still need to pain the trim in the girls room and finish painting Eric's room. And of course reorganize and pain the rest of the house!
**Bills, hmmm, do they ever go away?? Hopefully when the tax money comes, a few of the bills will go away for good!
**Schedule?!? Whats that? Well, I cant say I don't have one. I do, but I'm not happy with it.I'm still not falling asleep most nights and exhausted the next day. I'm just gonna have to force myself to go to sleep and wake up the same time every day.
**My mother--I blogged about that too. Still not ready to say what happened because its not over yet,but soon!
**The house getting broken into. Well, that was something. While I was busy saving people, some jackass broke into the house. From the time he left and the kids came home was about 15 minutes. So I felt like I should get the crappy mom award that day!

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