Sunday, December 29, 2013

Moving Forward and Not Looking Back

Its been awhile. Yes, I know this. But life gets in the way. Instead of going on about the last few months, I will touch on somethings that people have asked about. Other then that, unless something changes, I wont be going back to blog about it.

My dad-He entered his fourth year battle with cancer. Things aren't very good at this time. Hope and pray is all we are doing.

My nephew-He is doing amazing! Perfect in every way and hitting every milestone on time despite his 8 week early arrival.

My weight loss-40 pounds gone and 34 more to go!

My home situation-8 months later and he still doesn't have a job. However he is still working in the river. I have played around with the idea of school and work. Still very undecided.

Going to do my very best to get back into blogging. Sometimes here is the only place I can put my feelings without worrying about what people are going to say or the crap I will get for saying it aloud.