Monday, August 29, 2011

Best Text Message Ever

Dad and I text each other or email quite frequently. Its just easier for us to communicate that way since hes been sick and had some slight speech problems. So this afternoon I got a text from him. Nothing unusual....Except what it said. All biopsies are clear!!!! That means there is no cancer! The PET and the MRI were wrong. What they showed was the inflammation that has been causing the bleeding for his last surgery sight. Praise the Lord!! Don't know what the game plan is going to be yet but will update when I do know!

Thanks to everyone for all the thoughts and prayers!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Update!!

So far pretty good. The wind has picked up now. The worst is supposed to hit us between 1-3am. Roads are bad, they have now pulled state roads and power company of the roads. Here soon fire/ems will not be responding either. Pretty scary stuff. A big tree has fallen across our road and a transformer has blown up. Luckily the guys at the firehouse have already come and taken care of it. The girls and I have been holding the fort down!! Hopefully the rest of the storm passes without much damage.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Knock,knock! Who's there?

The fire department. The county is "advising" you, you should leave by morning. Ummm, nah. Yes I might be hard headed. I was here during Isabelle. And I'm not leaving this time. Last time I had a tree hit the corner of the house and lost power for 3 days. Its all good. We are ready..As ready as we're gonna be. Luckily, just in case somethings happen or we do need to leave, the guys at the Newburg firehouse just told us that we can come there. And we can always go to my moms if we can make it there. So theres my plan and my back up plan!

Earthquakes,Tropical Storms and Hurricanes Oh My!

What on earth is going on? We've had two earthquakes this week and now we are under hurricane conditions. They have already said expect to loose power for several days. Ive gone to the store, and tonight we are going to start charging things that we will need. At this time we are being advised to evacuate. I rode the Isabelle out by staying at the firehouse. That was horrible. I was away from the kids for 3 days and be out on call after call sucked. So at this time I fully intend to ride out the storm right here at home. We'll see how that goes!

Monday, August 22, 2011

To Do List

I found a really neat to do list at Simple Mom. It has a place to track your water,most important things to do, work out,dinner,to do list and general plan. But the thing that strikes me the funniest-There is also a section on there for your blog. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing. I love that it is on there so if something strikes me to blog about, I can jot it down for later. But then I think, what is this world coming to that theres a blog box on a to do list? If anyone uses to do list this is the best by far that I have scene.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not Happy

I know its been awhile since Ive blogged. Dad got sick again and Ive been doing a lot of running up and down the road to him. And its made me realize some things in all the time I have gotten to think.

And once again I'm not happy. I'm really thinking it is me. Ive once again tried to talk to John but nothing changes. He said things will and they don't. Him working seven days a week and spending no time with his family is taking its toll. I constantly get yelled at and get blamed for things. Or I get the attitude because he's pissed off because something hasn't gone right.

And now Ive decided to go back to work full time. How this is going to work I don't know. I will now be working and still have all the responsibility of the kids as he stated he will not help. And yes I know millions of women do this every day. But I have no clue have I'm going to work and get three kids to different activities every day. I guess this in itself will be its own adventure.

I even brought up the whole separating thing. It might have been mean to say, but I flat out asked him whats the point of having him if I will still be taking care of the house and kids and working? But I don't even know if separating is the answer. All I know is I'm not happy and that needs to change because its affecting me every day.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Sad Weekend

This wasn't exactly how I wanted my weekend to be. Friday night we got the news that dads cancer has come back. We had just barely made it to the three month mark. Two scans picked up a tumor in his mouth. They also revealed that he has an infection in his spinal cord. Monday he will be admitted to the hospital. Tuesday he will have a biopsy on the tumor and infection. We know that the infection will require 6-8 weeks of iv meds. As far as the tumor, we wont know till Tuesday.

Last night we learned that two members of Cobb Island firehouse lost their lives. One got into some trouble in the water and the other jumped into save him. They both did not make it. Two young lives lost way to early.

Thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated at this time.