Monday, March 29, 2010

Still Sick

Finally got in to the doctors on Saturday. All this started from my allergies which gave me an asthma attack. Ive never had one like this before and apparently it was pretty bad. She said I was barely moving any air. So I came home with 6 different meds to take. Oh what fun! I go back Friday so hopefully I want have to take all these all the time. I also want to be better for Easter! Thats about all for now. When I feel better I will be back.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yea for us

Well a little bit of exciting news!! John passes his CDL's on Thursday. So now he will be making twice as much money.So that is deff a positive. Also we got our first tax check. So as much as I hate it, I actually went shopping. At the mall at that! Had to get the girls their cleats. And they also wanted to get their ears pierced. Tina got her second set of holes and Sara her first. Sara wasnt to sure about them that night and wanted to take them out but now she doesnt even bother. And mommy finally got her coffee machine--The Keurig!! It was on sale so I treated myself. Even though the whole family will benefit!! For my sanity and they can have tea or hot chocolate. I also booked our Great Wolf trip and got the kids their tickets to the Blue Crabs games. Today John and I went out again and bought some clothes for Sara and I and some stuff we needed for the house. So thats about all for now! Hopefully things will keep going good!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chemo Angels

A friend told me about this program a few months ago. It sounded like a good idea so I looked into it and signed up. You can sign up for one of two programs or both. Card angles or Chemo angels. Card angles send cards to a person on a regular basis where chemo angels send cards and small gifts. You have to fill out a questionnaire and based on your answers they pair you up with someone. You can pick a child or an adult. Well tonight I got my first assignment. A three year old little boy in California who has neuroblastoma. Anyone who has the time to do this I encourage you to do so. Its a great way to give back, especially to someone who is going through something so hard. Heres the addy Its well worth it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Week

And boy it was busy. Not that I did anything I wanted to accomplish! I had the Bowie babies twice this week. And Tuesday I took Aaron and Elly to the park then after we picked Sara up we had a picnic. I also went to a park day with the MOMS Club. Friday I went to a MOPS meeting and I hadnt been in forever!! I had so much fun, Im glad I went back. Then Friday night Tina did the county 4-H speech contest. She did a radio spot, which was a 30 second radio commercial. She did so good, she won a blue award! It was her first time ever. This week Im going to go back to my to do list and see if that helps me. I want to get back on track!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Well today didnt pan out the exact way I wanted. I was up alot last night. I had a hard time falling asleep then John kept me up for a while. Then of course I fell back asleep after I got Tina up. The goal was to get up and stay up. I wanted to start things on the house today. I have lots I want to get done. Especially now that the weathers warming up,the girls are going to play soccer, and I have plans to do LOTS of scrapbooking. Hopefully I can get done some of what I want this week...or at least get started!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Madness

Not just for basketball! Hopefully the thaw will start and I can get some stuff done around here. Reviewed my goals for the year and ummm they havent been getting done. Well most of them. So its time to get it in gear. Next month is going to start a busy time for us so I want things done..And I want them done now!! The girls start soccer and we have some weekend getaways planned. And hopefully by then we would have joined the YMCA. I need an outlet and I do believe that will do. I get to get out of the house, be around-gasp-adults and Sara will be able to go into the child care while I do a class for myself. Then after that I figured I can get her out and we can swim for awhile. Or Ill go in the evening..time permitting. So thats about all for now. I hope this months brings what I want to get stuff done so we can be ready for the warm weather!