Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome Watermelon!

Yes thats right! Im welcoming Watermelon. And no, Im not talking about the big fat fruit either!! We have decided, well I, have decided to reopen Clover Farms. I realized that was something I was missing in my life. So today John went a picked up a rabbit and along with its hutch. For free!! And Sara asked if she could named him and she picked Watermelon. So this is one small step. I need to do some researching but hope to get some other stuff going. So for now Im wishing all a bless night and enjoy the picture of Watermelon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Im sitting here on the golf cart in Bethpage in VA. The kids and I came down for a little weekend away. We have lots of fun so far. Eric and Tina have found friends and Sara and I have been going for rides and to the pool. We've had fun chasing memaw Karen, pepaw Bill and Uncle Bill around on the golf cart. Its nice to get away from it all for few days. But sadly while we have been here, a member of the firehouse has passed away. He has been sick for some time. Now we just have another firehouse angel looking over us! Well I just wanted this to be short and sweet. Im off to ride around some more. After all, we only have one full more day left!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why do I do this again?

Oh thats right, to provide a service to the community! Volunteering at the firehouse is what Im talking about tonight. But you know, some people there just make it hard. Certain people tonight at the meeting--while I wasnt there of course--decided to throw my name up about me riding at another station that payed for my school tuition. Pretty much everyone there knows why I run one night a week at this other station. So Im just wondering, why number one is it any of your business what I do and two if you had and issue, why not come to me?? Why run your mouth behind my back when Im not there to defend myself? Last time I check, I graduated high school in 95. But yet when I go to the firehouse, I feel like Im right back there!! These are definitely the times when I just want to walk away from it all!! But I love what I do and thats why I stay. But I can say that after tonight, I will have to look into where I really want to be all the time. I dont need the headache of people worrying about my life and what I do. I mean seriously, grow up and mind your business!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Argh...Family..All of them!!

Damn them! Im going to vent about my frustrations of the family. My mother and step dad went away with my brother and his wife and kids for a week. Which I think is amazing. Why? Because when shes home she wont even come out of her room most of the time from sleeping because of all her "issues". The doctors finally said that she was over medicated and changed everything. So we'll see if it changes anything. It still pisses me off though because of all she has missed with my kids this year.

Now on to John's family. Apparently there must be some SERIOUS communcations issues. A few weeks ago there was a party at his aunts house which I found out about after pics were posted to Facebook. No one called us or emailed us to let us know. And this past weekend there was a party for the Fourth of July which we knew nothing about. I mean really people, how hard is it to let the whole family know?? But thats fine. I have decided from now on that we will just plan on having things at our house. Much easier then to worry about whos doing what where.

So thats my story and Im sticking to it!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Not complete...

Thats how Ive been feeling lately. Though I hate to admit it, its the truth. I know I have three beautiful children and I am grateful for that. Im even grateful for the three I lost. But I really want a baby. Next month will be a year since I lost the twins. And I really think I might call the doctor and make an appointment. Sometimes I just feel like theres something missing in our family. So I am leaving it in God's hands, and hopefully thiers a baby waiting out there to be born into our family!