Friday, September 24, 2010

Knock, knock! Who's there?

Why me of course! Remember me? I know it has been awhile. Having no computer at home has made me, well be lazy with my computer stuff. But since I had a post on my FB saying my blog missed me, here I am! Well the kids have been in their first month of school. I cant believe I have two middle schoolers, one in his last year and one in her first year!! Its been a treat so far let me tell you! And also a pre-ker! They all have been doing great. Eric is taking shotgun through 4-H for his fall activity. Tina has joined two school clubs, Book Club and Student Council. She is also taking gymnastics. And Sara is taking swim lessons and an hour dance class that is tap, ballet and gymnastics. Im excited with all these new things!Hmmm, lets see what else? Two of the three puppies have found new homes. Hopefully we will find the last one a home. I still have not found my back to school routine yet, as life keeps throwing me these little kicks. The biggest so far--The other night my dad called. The treatments did not work on the tumor. They believe its radiation resistant. So now the only option is surgery. And the surgery is best done by a robot. Interesting, huh? They will do the surgery in October at University of MD. So its been hard dealing with this. Not exactly what I wanted to hear but like all other stuff, we will get through this too.