Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I know I need to update on a few things. And I will. When I get back from vacation! I know, vacation and me dont go together. But they are this week! The girls and I are off to New York to see my best friend from high school, Jessica. And I cant wait. Its much needed! And when I come back, there shall be a new me! So stand by for updates and changes!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

I'm a blessed that I have a father this Fathers Day that I can say that too. This last year six months it has been touch and go with my dad. But I can breathe easy knowing that right now he is cancer free. So I am ever so thankful that at midnight last night I texted him Happy Fathers Day (My dad still has speech problems due to the surgery so its so much easier to text him if I'm not in the room with him) I am hoping he is around for many more because I don't know what Id do without him!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tomorrow Is A New Day

Well,technically it is tomorrow. I feel like a huge wait has been lifted off my shoulders with my dad. I know we still have treatments,scans and doctors appointments down the road, but  knowing the cancer is gone is great! And the money situation is getting better. I still feel like sometimes I should go to work,but that wont work for us. So I have decided with all being said and done, its time for me to get back on track! Back to getting the house in order, back to the gym, scrapbooking and whatever else I have slacked off with. This summer I have already decided to lesson my time at the medic unit. I will no longer do an overnight shift. I'm going to a 12 hour day shift. I also realize I really need to have some me time. I don't consider going to the gym, me time. Others might disagree,but I see that as making me a healthier person so I can better take care of my family. So look forward to exciting things happening in the future,especially this week!

Friday, June 10, 2011


With joy. And thankfulness. Yesterday I went with my dad to get his PET scan done. They inject him with dye and let it circulate his blood stream, then the scan him to see if the cancer is there. If it does, it turns green on the screen.The results came back today. Well guess what, ITS NOT THERE!!! ITS GONE! They still want him to do a round of chemo and radiation as a precaution. But its gone! I pray it stays like that. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sara's Pre-K Promotion

Sara had such a great promotion ceremony and after party. They sang some of their favorite songs.And after wards had punch and cookies. Memaw Gayle, Tina and Heather all came to see Sara's promotion.I still cant believe I now have a kindergartner!