Saturday, January 30, 2010


Funny how the beginning of the week I was blogging about the rain. And here it is the end of the week and we have glorious snow! Must people are sick of the snow,but I am not. There is something peacefull about the snow. And for it being a snow day, it is quiet in the house. John and Eric are off hunting and Tina is at my moms. So its just me and Sara. We have layed in my bed and watched the snow and cartoons. Now she is playing play-dough in her own little happy world. Ive attached a picture of Hunter peaking out in the snow. Thats about as far as he would come, I see someone in this house isnt a fan of snow!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy Monday Morning

Well despite having a hard time sleeping last night-whats new?-I was up at 6 and couldnt go back to sleep. I got Eric up and off to school. And Ive been sitting here playing on the computer watching the day wake up. And it has been rather peacefull! I ate a yogurt for breakfast,in peace at that! Its about time to get the girls up and ready. Today Sara and I are going to a friends house so I can scrap a little and she can play witha new friend. I might actually have to think about getting up early, its kind of nice to start the day with some me time! This week will be the start of a busy week. Meetings, drill, having Eli and Aaron and trying to get some stuff done in the house.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Updates

Looking back at my posts I realized I have not posted about my dad. Dec 21, 2009, my dad had a PET scan done because he had been having severe ear pain. He had put it off and put it off and finally decided to just go. Well they discovered a tumor on the back of his tongue and the right side of his throat. December 23, 2009, he went for a biopsy. After it was done and he was in recovery the doctor came out and told us that the tumor was cancer and he believed it to be a stage 4. Luckily the day after Christmas, we found out that it was stage 2 but would require aggressive treatment. He will require 5 radiation treatments a week and up to 4 chemo treatments. This will all take place in a 7 week time. The doctors are very optimistic that this will take care of the tumor. Lets just pray that they are right!! This past weekend, we had Sara's birthday party. My dad said he would come down as long as he felt good. Well I prayed all week that he would. And guess what?? He did!! I was so excited that he came down to the party. I made sure I took pics of him!! That totally made my day.

Other then my dad, everyone else is doing good. Today I registered Sara for the pre-k program at Blessed Lambs. Im very excited that she will be going there next year. As far as my New Year's goals, well lets just say that is slow moving!! But Im sure they will all fall into place here shortly. Next week I get to watch Eli and Aaron while Chelsea is in school. Im so excited! I love all her kids so much. I also had an idea for Easter. Im going to have an egg dying party for all the kiddos!! I figured I would set up and provide all the kits. Im going to ask each family bring the eggs they want to dye and a snack to share. It should be fun!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Step in the right direction

Well today I started to head in the right direction. I got up earlier then usually--not much but its a start--I made all the phone calls I needed to except one, and thats because they were closed. I did ALL the dishes in the sink and counter. I also have started laundry. Took a bag of trash out too. Hopefully things stay this way so I can get done everything I want too!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Goals

So Ive thought of somethings I want to accomplish this year:
~Leave the firehouse at the firehouse!!
~Start walking 3-4 times a week
~Getting rid of stuff we dont need
~Getting the house on a regular cleaning schedule
~Eating out less...Someone will just have to get over that!! LOL
~Decorating for the holidays more, even the little ones
~Scrapbooking once a week
~Getting the kids rooms switched around
~Getting back to church more and getting more involved
~Having all of our great pictures framed and hung up!! They dont do any good sitting in the envelopes!!
~Spending more time with my nephews, even if that means just having them here at the house
~Trying to get my dads side of the family to connect one way or the other
~Stop feeling so rushed, life is short, I need to look around

Well that should do it for now!! As I hit marks, I will let everyone know!