Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Goals

So Ive thought of somethings I want to accomplish this year:
~Leave the firehouse at the firehouse!!
~Start walking 3-4 times a week
~Getting rid of stuff we dont need
~Getting the house on a regular cleaning schedule
~Eating out less...Someone will just have to get over that!! LOL
~Decorating for the holidays more, even the little ones
~Scrapbooking once a week
~Getting the kids rooms switched around
~Getting back to church more and getting more involved
~Having all of our great pictures framed and hung up!! They dont do any good sitting in the envelopes!!
~Spending more time with my nephews, even if that means just having them here at the house
~Trying to get my dads side of the family to connect one way or the other
~Stop feeling so rushed, life is short, I need to look around

Well that should do it for now!! As I hit marks, I will let everyone know!


  1. These are wonderful goals!! I will have to borrow some :)