Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why do I do this again?

Oh thats right, to provide a service to the community! Volunteering at the firehouse is what Im talking about tonight. But you know, some people there just make it hard. Certain people tonight at the meeting--while I wasnt there of course--decided to throw my name up about me riding at another station that payed for my school tuition. Pretty much everyone there knows why I run one night a week at this other station. So Im just wondering, why number one is it any of your business what I do and two if you had and issue, why not come to me?? Why run your mouth behind my back when Im not there to defend myself? Last time I check, I graduated high school in 95. But yet when I go to the firehouse, I feel like Im right back there!! These are definitely the times when I just want to walk away from it all!! But I love what I do and thats why I stay. But I can say that after tonight, I will have to look into where I really want to be all the time. I dont need the headache of people worrying about my life and what I do. I mean seriously, grow up and mind your business!!

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  1. Girl...I wish I could say I was surprised. You knwo why you do what you do, and that's all that matters. The other people are jealous and spiteful. You know the best thing you can do? Pray for them