Monday, March 22, 2010

Yea for us

Well a little bit of exciting news!! John passes his CDL's on Thursday. So now he will be making twice as much money.So that is deff a positive. Also we got our first tax check. So as much as I hate it, I actually went shopping. At the mall at that! Had to get the girls their cleats. And they also wanted to get their ears pierced. Tina got her second set of holes and Sara her first. Sara wasnt to sure about them that night and wanted to take them out but now she doesnt even bother. And mommy finally got her coffee machine--The Keurig!! It was on sale so I treated myself. Even though the whole family will benefit!! For my sanity and they can have tea or hot chocolate. I also booked our Great Wolf trip and got the kids their tickets to the Blue Crabs games. Today John and I went out again and bought some clothes for Sara and I and some stuff we needed for the house. So thats about all for now! Hopefully things will keep going good!

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