Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes, grrrrrrr!! I growled! Why? In this last week my mother has done some things that are unspeakable. Things that I dont want to post. Things that I dont want to forgive her for doing. I know thats not the Christian thing to do. Lets just say that I could forgive, but wont forget. It hurts very much to think of the things that she has done. For now, I have decided it would be best if my family does not have contact with her. Eric and Tina know why, Sara of course doesnt. Im just waiting for Sara to ask to go over there. Its going to break my heart. Family should NOT be like this. It upsets me so much that these things have happened. I have been praying about it and nothing comes to me other then what I have already decided. I pray that this also opens her eyes.

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