Monday, July 11, 2011


We have been so busy this last month. Promotions, recitals, shows and a vacation to New York. In the midst of all this I have done alot of thinking. I have seen that I'm not happy with myself. I feel that I have no time for myself nor do I do anything for myself. So I have decided that I am staying with my cut back shift for the medic unit and that come August, I will not run any one particular shift. That is to help me have more time with transitioning the kids back to school and to help Tina with her decision to go back to cheerleading. I also am working it for me to go back to the gym. I need some me time and the gym sounds like a great place to do it. They have excellent child care so Sara will get to see some fresh faces. I also would like to start scrapbooking again. I haven't scrapbooked since last October. That is mine own little world where I can get lost. Hopefully some of this will help with the stress and anxiety. I cant go through life being crabby all the time!

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  1. Wait, which Stephanie posted this? It could have been me....
    We need to really try to find a retreat we can both get to.
    If the drive isn't too much, you should come down here one weekend when my church has scrap night. It's the 4th Friday of the month.
    Love you!