Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Off to Kindergarten

Today was Sara's last day of Pre-K. I am happy but a little sad. She is on her way to big girldom!! Of course I took lots of pictures. When I came to pick her up, they were starting to read "Off to Kindergarten". This made me a little upset. I was able to sneak in and take pictures of this. I HAD to!! Then as I was leaving the room, I noticed their book bags hanging up in their cubbies. This would be the last time that all their book bags would be hanging together. So of course I took a picture of that. They sent home a bunch of end of the year papers, and book they had put together for each child(which of course I cried looking through) and a folder with a letter to each child and a poem for mom. (I will post the poem later) Sara is ready for kindergarten. Her teacher told me she is ready. However, mama is not ready!

Its very bittersweet for me. For the last ten years, Ive had a child there. They have been great. I will definitely miss the BLP family.

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