Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update on my dad

Thursday I was able to spend the day with him and go to his doctors appointments. The appointments went great! Everything is looking good and he is healing just like he should. They are going to do a swallow test to see if he can start eating and have some speech therapy.Dad is a little concerned with his speech not improving. But I told him its better then what the outcome could have been. As well as meeting with the radiation team to see if he needs to have a round of that again.

It was GREAT spending the day with him. And we had Sara with us too. This is the first time in over two years that he hasn't been in the hospital, having surgery, drugged up or in pain when I have been with him. It was so awesome to spend the day riding around and talking to him. After the appointments we went back to the condo and just hung out. He even played cards with Sara. Just to think that in February, he couldn't hardly stay up  to even talk to us. God is good!

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