Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Days of School

They went pretty well. I was kind of worried about Eric since he was going to high school where not most of his friends are.He started 9th grade. But he seems to like it so far. He was put in JROTC for one of his classes and I'm kind of excited about it. He gets fitted for his uniform next week. And then he gets to march in the Homecoming parade and the Veterans Day Parade.
Tina was pretty excited about her classes.She started 7th grade. She is going to do SGA and Relay for Life for after school activities. Hopefully this year she has a good year and doesn't get a case of the lazy but syndrome. I would love to see her make honor roll all year and not slack off. We shall see!

Sara started her kindergarten journey in a new school as well. But she did great. She came home and told me all about her class and her friends. The bus riding was a new experience as well. I pray that she stays excited about it!

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