Monday, February 22, 2010

Queen of the...

Sara just informed me she is queen of the jungle. Goody goody gumdrops!! I shall be queen of something too! I will be queen of the zoo. For that fits what I feel like my life and house is like now. I need to kick my butt in high gear and get with the program. I have been SLACKING big time. So I am doing that this week. And I figured that after my little runaway weekend starting Monday I will really start every day. I really have no clue what my problem is. I think maybe it was figuring out what and where I wanted to be. A good friend pointed that out for me. She doesnt know it for she never actually said that but with whats going on with her life helped me figure out mine. Funny thing how that happens! Hopefully now things will turn. Spring is coming which means spending more time outside. Which is where I want to be. Unless Im scrapbooking of course! The girls will be playing soccer. Im hoping to get to the park days with MOMS Club. Or just sitting in the back yard watching the kids play. So this is my re-start of the year!

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