Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In!

Well its still snowing! It stopped for a few hours last night...Only to give us sleet,rain and snow! And now its back to snow. They said we could be getting up to 3 inches and hour! I just went outside to dig out our fan for the heat pump and was in snow to my knees. That wasnt fun! Daytona had fun in the snow last night, but I know that Hunter is not happy right now. And not sure about Bay since she has not emerged her head out of her box yet. The tree at the end of the driveway has broke and split in 3, so Im just waiting for it to come all the way down. John left early this morning to take his mom to work and to start plowing. Eric is with Freddie plowing. So its just me and the girls! I just put a pot of chicken veggie soup on and we are watching the I Love Lucy marathon. Looks like a day of crafts, tv and hopefully baking if the power stays on!

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