Monday, February 8, 2010

Nothing new

We are still snowed in. The roads have been plowed but schools are still shut down. We did manage to get out last night and go to dinner at my parents. Another store is headed in tomorrow night and they are calling for about 8 inches plus...So Im thinking we are looking at more days home! Luckily I bought lots of food and crafts. The girls are going to play soccer whenever the earth decides to thaw out! I also signed them up for a few fun things going on at the community centers. Hopefully soon we can join the YMCA! A couple of friends want to join with us. They have lots of neat classes for all us and they have a pool! So I cant wait. Hopefully this will help me loose some of the weight too. The end of the month Stephanie and I are going on a scrapbook retreat. I need to start organizing for that. And Im hoping--fingers crossed--that when we get our tax money back we can head to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days!

1 comment:

  1. I am so freaking sick of teh SNOW!!! Make it stop! Please!!!
    I mean, it's pretty to look at. Thankfully, tomorrow, I can stay snowed in and just look. But this really has to stop sometime.