Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gonna brag

Yes, Im going to brag on my children for a few!! Let me start with Eric. Most of you know that we have had some struggles with him this year with his grades. Well let me tell you what he accomplished the last quarter. He recieved 3 awards, two of which were in reading! This coming from the boy who HATED to read. He had the highest grade in his class. And when his report card came in, his GPA was a 3.1. He had As and B's with one C. And at the 6 week mark, that C was an F. So now my son, you have set yourself up! I will expect those grades ALL the time.

Now for Tina. She had a great soccer season. I had my doubts about her playing because she generally doesnt like hard work. Well she finished the season and even scored one goal! She also had a great week at 4-H camp. She came home with several projects to enter in the fair. And also I might add, she has her first boyfriend. Ahhhh, summer love!

Today my little baby girl swam the length of the pool with out help from me or her floatie. I cant believe she did it! I was just curious to see what would happen and dag on if she didnt make it across. And swam back! So Im thinking that swim lessons are needed here soon to help perfect everything!

Brag time over...Till next time!

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