Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello Life!

Its been a little over a month since Ive written last. Well after my last post, things got super crazy. My sister went in for a non stress test on Saturday. And then ended up being air lifted to Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore. She has Hope Syndrome and Pre-Eclampsia. And it was Easter weekend. I took the girls to the circus in Baltimore Easter Sunday. (Funny how God works). After the circus we went to the hospital to visit and bring my brother in law home. All was good, they had her under control. Bad news was she was staying till CJ was born. So we made a list of things that she would need for her new home. Everything was great. Then Monday, a little after 5 hours from talking to her, Chris called. Her blood pressure was out of control and it was time for CJ to make it to this world. And Tuesday morning he did. Born 8 weeks early.

The next six weeks were full of tears, worry and almost three hour drives one way to visit him in the NICU. But it was worth every minute. He did great and was only in the NICU for eating issues, nothing medical.

Now here it is July 1 and he will be 3 months old tomorrow. And he's wonderful. My sister however, had to have emergency surgery. She had mastitis which wouldn't go away and they had to do surgery to get rid of the infection. That same day Sara was taken to the ER for what we thought was an asthma attack and ended up being pneumonia.

Can I have that summer vacation now please?

And there will be some blogging about our endless adventures to Baltimore!


  1. Wow! That is a lot going on in a few short months. Glad that she was able to hold onto him. Pre-eclampsia is a bitch! I had it 4 times and could only carry to 27 weeks the most. I had Boomer at 25 weeks.

    1. That's really early! He was going to come early any way because she is diabetic but not 8 weeks. He was a big baby though that early, 6 lbs 7 oz. And thankfully there was nothing wrong medicly other then he couldn't stay awake to drink a full bottle which is why they kept him.