Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adventures In NICU Land

It seemed our trips to the NICU to see CJ never went with out something happening. It became quite comical. We had things happening going up, coming home and then of course there was the impromptu trip that we made when I swore Jen was going to kill the nurses. So here goes!

Driving up one morning, somehow we ended up in the shipping yard. Don't ask, because we still don't know. This was our very first trip up together. After riding around and seeing the boats and all the trucks we asked for directions and got back on track. We even saw where the cruise ships leave port. So when we take our cruise, we now know exactly how to get there!

Twice on the way home we encountered police and fire/ems problems. Some poor soul decided to end his life and jump off the bridge in Solomons. And another night we watched a very drunk lady get locked up which blocked traffic up for miles because of the show she put on.

Most of the time we spent in the NICU wasn't bad. For the most part, he had wonderful nurses. You can tell the ones who really love their jobs. You can also tell the ones that need to move on. One nurse in my opinion was very nasty. And she made my sister cry. This was the first time that I said something. Its high stress as it is. We all know why he was there. But treating Jen the way she did and acting like an ass was unnecessary. So I had to tell her about herself! The second time was quite exciting. I got a phone call very early in the am. I'm pretty sure at this point Jen was going to knock off the night nurses. She was highly pissed. The night nurse decided to tube feed him instead of bottle feed him. Mind you, him drinking a bottle was the only reason why he was still in the NICU. So how can he learn if you wont give it to him? She asked to have the tube removed and of course they didn't want that. So before we left, I was holding CJ and I whispered in his ear that if he pulled that tube out, he could come home and Id buy him a pony.

Watch what you tell the little ones! Late that night, Jen called and I can hear her giggling before I even said hello. She then says "Guess what your nephew did?" Then she tells me how he pulled out the tube and she refused to let them put in a new one. Well played little man, well played! But guess what? Four days later he was home!

Now about that pony.....

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