Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Well, Sh#t Just Got Real!

Yes it sure did! At 832am yesterday, I received a phone call from John, that I deep down inside knew was coming at some point. He was let go from his job. Reasons that I wont go into at this time.

So back to no job. Well does this hurt us? Yes and no. More money is made by him working on the farm and in the river. But we did loose insurance. Not a great thing when I'm a diabetic and have asthma. And my worst season is fast approaching for asthma. We looked at plans for self pay but they will run us $600-1000 a month. Not including dental. Luckily my best friend Jessica said look into state insurance. And I did, so I am applying for that for the kids. I will relook at policies for us. Hopefully we don't need  do this long.

Now onto the do I get a job? That I do not know. John says no. I say yes. Still praying for guidance on that one. We don't just want to up and change everything, especially for the kids all at one time. And if I was to get a job right now, it would drastically change all summer plans. The only summer plans I'm really worried about is the week at Girl Scout Camp and Sara's dance recital. The others could just bite it!


  1. (Hugs) Hoping that you get some answers soon!

  2. Thanks Jodi! Working on things so hopefully by next week, I will no whats going on!