Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

So its Wed. night around 7 ish....Im sitting here at the computer, drinking my coffee. I just finished making two pies for dinner tomorrow. And yes they are homemade!! I bought them at the store and made them in my oven, so thats homemade!! This month brings bittersweet memories. Although this is one of my fave times of year, it also is the anniversary of the month my sister was killed by a drunk driver. Though its been several years, the pain never goes away. I always wonder what she would be doing now and if she would have had a family of her own. I miss her so very much! Also poppys birthday is the month. So this is the first big holiday hes not with us. And this brought us the two year anniversary that baby Lynn left us. And I definitely wonder what kind of toddler she would be right now! But I know they are all in a much better place and watching over us. But I am so very thankful I have everyone in my life and they are happy and healthy. Now if I can just wait for tomorrow to eat some yummy food!

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