Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Updates

This weekend was a busy weekend!! We helped out at the firehouse for two nights, the Bowies had a Harvest Party, trick or treating, Erics birthday and then meeting with my family from AACO. Despite the busy weekend everything went great! Though its sad that we had to get together to celebrate the life of Uncle Ronny who passed away last Weds. We should be seeing each other regularly, not when tragedy strikes. Casey sent us an email this morning saying that basically we should get our stuff together and make more of an effort. And she is so right. I sent an email back to everyone and told them I don't mind driving up there to see them and the kids, that I felt forgotten. So we shall see what happens. On another note, today was the first day of homeschooling for Tina. I am taking slow to get her used to her new schedule and how things are during the day. We are all very excited for this new adventure!

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