Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Im Sorry, Can You Push That Button Again?

I had a blog all thought out! I was going to write about something that happened on Friday. But our adventure last night has changed that! So here goes!

Took John to the ER last night because his head and neck were hurting. He had a pimple he had picked at, so I knew it was infected and needed to be drained. When we got there and he was triaged, his blood pressure was dangersouly high. Like stroke zone high. So they started an iv, gave him antiboitics and some blood pressure medicine. They said the abcess on his head was infected, and that the infection could go to his brain. Then his labs came back and said his kidneys were showing some damage. We now have to do some follow ups. And major lifestyle changes. I know it will be a bumpy road, but hopefully we get it all worked out!

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