Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School

So finally at twenty minutes till midnight the girls went to sleep. And I went to sleep...Not at all! I ended up staying up all night stressing,crying and praying. Over what you ask? Stupid things! Ill save that story for another day. Maybe.

Our day started at 545. Everyone got up with out problems and out the door with out them as well. The morning was pretty smooth since I made sure everything was packed up last night and money and checks were given out. However, I only managed to do one thing on the list today. And that was go to WalMart. Baby steps!

The millions of papers are now filled out for tomorrow. Who's buying and packing lunch has been taking care of. And dinners done. Nothing fancy, just french bread pizza. And of course one person is asleep. And its not Sara!!

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