Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life Happens

Well its been several months. And I can say not happy months. Little did we know that in a 5 day period we would loose a battle and start one all over. So here goes...

The last week of January sucked. There is no other better word to describe it. Johns dad was diagnosed with cancer in his shoulder which led to the finding of stage 4 lung cancer. 4 days later my dad announced that his cancer was back. 1 day after that my sister lost her baby.

My sister had a d&c and recovered nicely. My dad began the fight.Again. My father in law never got to fight the battle. He made it through 3 chemo treatments then ended up in the hospital for 10 days. In that period we learned that he had cancer in his hip,spine and back. And quite possibly in his brain. He was released and was home 2 days(one which was a really good day) before he ended up back in the hospital. After being there for 2 days the doctors concluded that there was nothing more that could be done and it was time for hospice. We  brought him home on hospice on a Tuesday, and one week later on Tuesday, at 7:01 am, he was called home. He never got to fight the battle. As much as it hurt, the suffering was over and that's what we wanted.

Life has yet to return back to our normal. Not that I think it ever will. We will have a new normal now, once we    find it.

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  1. I am so very sad for the loss your family experienced. I remember when my grandma died of liver cancer - they gave her 6 months and she barely made it 3. In the end she was barely recognizable. It's hard to return to "normal" after losing a parent. You are in my prayers today! - A Little R & R